TeddyOlympics Teas and Cocktails

 Here we have our tea and drink selection.   With something for every taste!         Whether you're a Teddy Bear or Tequila Drinking Berman, we've got a drink for you!

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A wide choice of Teas are available from a Bai Mu Dan White Tea to a Russian Caravan served with Milk and Honey or a lemon slice. Choose from English Breakfast Tea made with the finest Chinese Keemun to a Sweet Black Cherry Beary Berry!

Served in a perfect Heart shaped Cups, or a Morrocan Glass, we have a extra special tea just for you. From a Chanakara Herbal infusion to a Fruity Formosa Oolong, we have the perfect choice for a Teddy Bear Tea.

Our GreenTea infused Pina Colada is served with a scoop of Green Tea Ice Cream, whipped cream and as many Cherries as we can stack on top! A non-alcolholic version is available for our athletes and younger anipals. 

Our Bacon! Manhatten Served with a slice of candied Bacon!, a twist of lime and a cherry! Or several slices of Bacon!

Here's a tasty little nut bowl to nibble on with your drinks! The flowers are also edible for our bear and rodent anipals! Candy and cashews for those who so desire.

This delightful MarTeaNi is a Lavender Tea infused Vodka with Pears.  Guaranteed to please Bears, Birds, and Bunnies

Please drink responsibly while Tweeting, so you don't end up at this Tea Party!
A very special Blue Bacon! Agave, Nip, Lime, and Gran Marnier Barkarita for all those wild pawtying dogs and cats! Let's hope they have finished their TeddyOlympics entries before having too many of these!

              A "Rooibust" Lemonade?              
Rooibos Tea infused Cachaca with
Vanilla and Lime.

The Spiced Apple MarTeaNi! Black Tea and Pear infused Vodka with Apple Snapps. Served with apple slices for our bird, bear, and horse anipals, and an Oatmeal Cookie!

The High Tea Keemun Creme made with the finest Chinese Keemun infused Vodka and Bailey's Cream, this will please our cat athletes. Whether they are sitting at the High table or the Kitty table!
And when those Kitties are in their cups, please be sure and pass them some Nip and Prawns! I bet we can even find them some Bacon! Wrapped Prawns!
And speaking of cups, the Official Anipal Winter Olympics Gift Shoppe has some beautiful cups and mugs. Go take a look!

The Reveillon Cocktail, a very fruity drink! made with Calvados Apple Brandy, Pear brandy,bitters and an anise star float! For all the fruit loving anipals!

Oh, now this may look like a mild mannered milk shake, but in reality it is the one and only        

Bacon! Bourbon Banana Creme!
 Served with extra nip for the kitties amongst us!
We hope you have enjoyed our drink selections here at the TeddyOlympic Athlete's Village. Like the noms,these are (mostly) real drinks,and if you'd like we have recipes!

Please remember to go to the main TeddyOlympic site to see the catagories that you can compete in. All you need to do to compete is to tweet a picture that fits the catagory of your choice. All anipals are welcome!

The Awards Ceremonies for the TeddyOlympics will take place the weekend of the 16th-17th, so keep an eye open to see which anipals win Medals!

 Or you can still donate a Teddy!

 Thanks in advance to the greatest bunch of anipals I know!

TeddyOlympics does not have a charity shelter but, you could donate a new Teddy to your local Fire Department or Sheriff's Station. They give them to children involved in accidents or fires.

Thanks again for visiting the TeddyOlympics Athlete's Village. We hope you have had as much fun here as we have!

About the TeddyOlympics Hosts

Our hosts thought it would be a very fun idea to hold the #TeddyOlympics on Twitter. I thought you might like to know a little about them.

OllyTed ~ Olly is a Steiff Bear originally from Germany, who now lives in Derry in the UK. He has two brothers, Cas and Woolly.
His hobbies are reading and watching cartoons.
His favorite food is cake!(especially Carrot Cake!)

SpencerTeddy is a Russ Bear from Auckland, New Zealand. He lives with his family and Theodor and Lucy.
He likes napping on his balcony and making snowballs.
His favorite foods are Honey Cakes and Cookies!
He is also one of the TeddyOlympic judges.

MarshallSheldon is a SouthPark Bear from Boise, Idaho.
He has "Little Boris" and Kanni as roommates, they don't eat his COOKIES!, but do borrow his PS3 from time to time.
His hobbies include eating COOKIES!, spending time with his twitter friends, eating COOKIES!, playing his PS3, and napping. But not necessarily all at the same time.
His favorite food are COOKIES!, Chocolate COOKIES!, COOKIES!, and Hot Cocoa and COOKIES!
And when he's not eating COOKIES! this weekend, he will be one of the Teddy Olympic Judges

The TeddyOlympic Judges include

BlindMaximus is a Extra-Large sized Chichuahua from Wyoming. He lives with The Girl.
His hobbies include eating, fetching, eating, and napping. His one trick ~ "Going to work", which is not what the trick is...snicker...
His favorite foods are Pizza! Burritos, Pizza! and Pizza!

ZackRabbit is the most awesome rabbit on twitter and lives in Somewhere-In-Your-Imagination, Canada. It's a big city, for Canada! Really!  Zack has a very LARGE family (he's a rabbit after all!), including Plushateer, Rufus, BG, and Timmy.
Zack's hobbies as we all know include cooking, taking care of his Plushateer, Video games, photography, and napping.
His favorite food, anything salty

i_am_fuzzy is a Fuzzy Bear from Merry Old England.
Fuzzy's hobbies include eating, eating cake, hugging, eating cookies, modeling clothes, eating chocolate, and eating .
His favorite food is cake.

Frugaldougal is the CDO of the pawpawties. He lives in Rutland England with his staff and Zack the Hack,and his new little brother Ozzy.
FD's hobbies include pawpawties, keeping his staff on their toes, helping to find charities for the pawpawties to support, making videos, and winning Shorty Awards!
His favorite foods are pawpawty noms.

henryandfriends includes henry,who is a Steiff Bear, and his family, cj, hamish the sheep who came from Scotland to live with henryandfriends, cedrick, edward, sam the seal, dennis, and wee wif and his lady rose.They live on the sentrul sowf cowst in the United Kingdom.
henry's hobbies include giving strokes to all the twitter anipals, truks, stayfits, teddy bear picnics, and being kind to everyone.
His favorite foods include toast and bananas, honey cakes, hot cocoa, and ice cream with sprinkles. 

Please say Hi! to our TeddyOlympics Hosts and Judges,
some of the nicest anipals to be found on Twitter, or anywhere!

TeddyOlympics Beary Tasty Noms Menu

 Oh,Teddy Bears love Cakes, and Tea, and Picnics! So, our first treat here today is very special cake just for OllyTed !

The OllyTed Carrot Cake
Guaranteed to make any #TeddyOlympic Athlete smile!

Next we have the Berry Bread and Butter Pudding, because we all know bears love Berries!

These little Apple Cookies are just the perfect snack for a Teddy Bear Picnic!

This Fruit Basket is just perfect for most of our athletes! After eating the fruits and flowers, the basket can he used as a bed! Comes in Small, Medium and Large!

In remeberance of last year's Vancouver Winter Olympics this shiny gem is the Miga. A delectable combination of Chocolate, Salmon and Bacon!

Please remember that you can get to any page at the TeddyOlympics Village by using the title of the page you want to visit in the sidebar. Please also visit our Official Anipal Winter Olympics Souvenier Shoppe by clinking this link. All proceeds go to our #pawpawty charities!

In keeping with the international flavor of the #TeddyOlympics, we thought you might enjoy some interesting dishes from around the world.

Naturally we will start with desserts! As we all know Teddies love them! This first one is from Bosnia and is called Tufahije. A baked apple with a Bacon! Meringue center and a dollop of Whipped Cream, extra cherries upon request!

This tasty treat from Serbia is a Honey drenched Phylo Pumpkin Pastry. Served warm with a scoop of Honey Bacon! Ice Cream.

How about an Hawaiian Pineapple cake? For our rodent and bird competitors, you can eat the leaves too!

For an appetizer how about our Italian Fresh Pea Bruchetta. Served raw or toasted with Applewood-smoked Ham and Emmentaler Cheese

How about some Almond Pork Nuggets from China? These come with a Bacon! and chili dipping sauce for the braver souls amongst us!

Doesn't this look tasty? And no Bacon! in sight!(sigh!) From India our Chicken Tikka Marsala. A tasty little dish to warm our athletes tummies! A Tofu version is available for any of our Avian competitors!
 Or how about a Couscous pastry stuffed with a Chickpea pate from Turkey ? No chicks were harmed in the making of this pate, but a few Couscous were crushed!
From Tibet, the Dalai Lama's own recipe for Momos. Little potato, onion, and yak cheese stuffed dumplings served in an oniony vegetable broth. A tasty version for our dog and cat competitors includes potato and Bacon! stuffing        
Another tasty dessert item from Serbia, the Melting Bacon! Pear. Stuffed with Gorgonzola cheese, baked to perfection, and served with a honey lemon sauce.
A treat especially for Spencerteddy we bring you Baklava from Iraq made with almonds grown on the banks of the Tigres River and honey from wild bees in the mountains near Mosul.

Another favorite of Teddy Bears everywhere is
The Afternoon Tea.
So get out your formal duds competitors,we have a lovely collection of savory and sweet treats to offer you!

The Teddy Bears will be waiting for you to join them in this beautiful meadow! They will have colorful picnic blankets for you to sit on, and plenty of tea and treats, so just bring your appetite!

Expect to be served tasty teas from a beautiful tea service. A very romantic treat! 
 But even if you don't have sweetheart to share it with, remember the Teddy Bears still love you!

We'll start with some delightful finger sandwiches including a tasty apple, walnut, and Bacon! served with Neufchatel cheese.
And still some more tasty finger sandwiches including a special salmon, capers, and nip for our Kitty friends!
An especial treat for our fishing bears, or just plain hungry cats, we have prepared Salmon Gravlax served with a nip flavored Creme Fraiche. It can also be ordered with Apple-Smoked Bacon! Capers or onion optional.

This cool bowl of Gazpacho, while not a normal Afternoon Tea item should be a welcome addition for our Rodent and Bird friends. Dog and cat anipals, not so much...
Next there will be some delectable fruit tarts with Kiwis, Blueberries, and Raspberries on a light cheesecake base. Ok, Ok, you can eat the flowers too!
Or how about an individual Blue Berry and Peach Cake? Made with Honey and Butter, and just a little bit of Coconut, because Teddy Bears love all those things!

Here are some Lemon Drop Cookies made with Fresh Grated Lemon and Powered Sugar, but I'm not gonna tell you where I dropped them!

Here we have the MarshallSheldon special! A Cookies and Cream cake with Chocolate, Chocolate, and more Chocolate! A Bacon!, Carmel, and Chocolate sauce available upon request!
Here we have a very special Honey Cake from Estonian called the Meekook, made with Honey, Butter, and more Honey!
And what Afternoon Tea would be complete without a Honey and Cinnamon Madelaine?

We hope you have enjoyed all our Beary Tasty Noms. If any of you would like, we have most of the recipes, or websites they came from. Give @flicka47 a tweet & we'll send it to you. Please remember that while the TeddyOlympics does not have an official charity, you could donate a Teddy to your local sheriff or fire department in honor of #TeddyOlympics 

 Please enjoy all our other pages here at the Athlete's Village and the main TeddyOlympics pages.