About the TeddyOlympics Hosts

Our hosts thought it would be a very fun idea to hold the #TeddyOlympics on Twitter. I thought you might like to know a little about them.

OllyTed ~ Olly is a Steiff Bear originally from Germany, who now lives in Derry in the UK. He has two brothers, Cas and Woolly.
His hobbies are reading and watching cartoons.
His favorite food is cake!(especially Carrot Cake!)

SpencerTeddy is a Russ Bear from Auckland, New Zealand. He lives with his family and Theodor and Lucy.
He likes napping on his balcony and making snowballs.
His favorite foods are Honey Cakes and Cookies!
He is also one of the TeddyOlympic judges.

MarshallSheldon is a SouthPark Bear from Boise, Idaho.
He has "Little Boris" and Kanni as roommates, they don't eat his COOKIES!, but do borrow his PS3 from time to time.
His hobbies include eating COOKIES!, spending time with his twitter friends, eating COOKIES!, playing his PS3, and napping. But not necessarily all at the same time.
His favorite food are COOKIES!, Chocolate COOKIES!, COOKIES!, and Hot Cocoa and COOKIES!
And when he's not eating COOKIES! this weekend, he will be one of the Teddy Olympic Judges

The TeddyOlympic Judges include

BlindMaximus is a Extra-Large sized Chichuahua from Wyoming. He lives with The Girl.
His hobbies include eating, fetching, eating, and napping. His one trick ~ "Going to work", which is not what the trick is...snicker...
His favorite foods are Pizza! Burritos, Pizza! and Pizza!

ZackRabbit is the most awesome rabbit on twitter and lives in Somewhere-In-Your-Imagination, Canada. It's a big city, for Canada! Really!  Zack has a very LARGE family (he's a rabbit after all!), including Plushateer, Rufus, BG, and Timmy.
Zack's hobbies as we all know include cooking, taking care of his Plushateer, Video games, photography, and napping.
His favorite food, anything salty

i_am_fuzzy is a Fuzzy Bear from Merry Old England.
Fuzzy's hobbies include eating, eating cake, hugging, eating cookies, modeling clothes, eating chocolate, and eating .
His favorite food is cake.

Frugaldougal is the CDO of the pawpawties. He lives in Rutland England with his staff and Zack the Hack,and his new little brother Ozzy.
FD's hobbies include pawpawties, keeping his staff on their toes, helping to find charities for the pawpawties to support, making videos, and winning Shorty Awards!
His favorite foods are pawpawty noms.

henryandfriends includes henry,who is a Steiff Bear, and his family, cj, hamish the sheep who came from Scotland to live with henryandfriends, cedrick, edward, sam the seal, dennis, and wee wif and his lady rose.They live on the sentrul sowf cowst in the United Kingdom.
henry's hobbies include giving strokes to all the twitter anipals, truks, stayfits, teddy bear picnics, and being kind to everyone.
His favorite foods include toast and bananas, honey cakes, hot cocoa, and ice cream with sprinkles. 

Please say Hi! to our TeddyOlympics Hosts and Judges,
some of the nicest anipals to be found on Twitter, or anywhere!


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Hello judges and hosts! Thank you for your time and the opportunity to compete in this wonderful event!

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