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 Oh,Teddy Bears love Cakes, and Tea, and Picnics! So, our first treat here today is very special cake just for OllyTed !

The OllyTed Carrot Cake
Guaranteed to make any #TeddyOlympic Athlete smile!

Next we have the Berry Bread and Butter Pudding, because we all know bears love Berries!

These little Apple Cookies are just the perfect snack for a Teddy Bear Picnic!

This Fruit Basket is just perfect for most of our athletes! After eating the fruits and flowers, the basket can he used as a bed! Comes in Small, Medium and Large!

In remeberance of last year's Vancouver Winter Olympics this shiny gem is the Miga. A delectable combination of Chocolate, Salmon and Bacon!

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In keeping with the international flavor of the #TeddyOlympics, we thought you might enjoy some interesting dishes from around the world.

Naturally we will start with desserts! As we all know Teddies love them! This first one is from Bosnia and is called Tufahije. A baked apple with a Bacon! Meringue center and a dollop of Whipped Cream, extra cherries upon request!

This tasty treat from Serbia is a Honey drenched Phylo Pumpkin Pastry. Served warm with a scoop of Honey Bacon! Ice Cream.

How about an Hawaiian Pineapple cake? For our rodent and bird competitors, you can eat the leaves too!

For an appetizer how about our Italian Fresh Pea Bruchetta. Served raw or toasted with Applewood-smoked Ham and Emmentaler Cheese

How about some Almond Pork Nuggets from China? These come with a Bacon! and chili dipping sauce for the braver souls amongst us!

Doesn't this look tasty? And no Bacon! in sight!(sigh!) From India our Chicken Tikka Marsala. A tasty little dish to warm our athletes tummies! A Tofu version is available for any of our Avian competitors!
 Or how about a Couscous pastry stuffed with a Chickpea pate from Turkey ? No chicks were harmed in the making of this pate, but a few Couscous were crushed!
From Tibet, the Dalai Lama's own recipe for Momos. Little potato, onion, and yak cheese stuffed dumplings served in an oniony vegetable broth. A tasty version for our dog and cat competitors includes potato and Bacon! stuffing        
Another tasty dessert item from Serbia, the Melting Bacon! Pear. Stuffed with Gorgonzola cheese, baked to perfection, and served with a honey lemon sauce.
A treat especially for Spencerteddy we bring you Baklava from Iraq made with almonds grown on the banks of the Tigres River and honey from wild bees in the mountains near Mosul.

Another favorite of Teddy Bears everywhere is
The Afternoon Tea.
So get out your formal duds competitors,we have a lovely collection of savory and sweet treats to offer you!

The Teddy Bears will be waiting for you to join them in this beautiful meadow! They will have colorful picnic blankets for you to sit on, and plenty of tea and treats, so just bring your appetite!

Expect to be served tasty teas from a beautiful tea service. A very romantic treat! 
 But even if you don't have sweetheart to share it with, remember the Teddy Bears still love you!

We'll start with some delightful finger sandwiches including a tasty apple, walnut, and Bacon! served with Neufchatel cheese.
And still some more tasty finger sandwiches including a special salmon, capers, and nip for our Kitty friends!
An especial treat for our fishing bears, or just plain hungry cats, we have prepared Salmon Gravlax served with a nip flavored Creme Fraiche. It can also be ordered with Apple-Smoked Bacon! Capers or onion optional.

This cool bowl of Gazpacho, while not a normal Afternoon Tea item should be a welcome addition for our Rodent and Bird friends. Dog and cat anipals, not so much...
Next there will be some delectable fruit tarts with Kiwis, Blueberries, and Raspberries on a light cheesecake base. Ok, Ok, you can eat the flowers too!
Or how about an individual Blue Berry and Peach Cake? Made with Honey and Butter, and just a little bit of Coconut, because Teddy Bears love all those things!

Here are some Lemon Drop Cookies made with Fresh Grated Lemon and Powered Sugar, but I'm not gonna tell you where I dropped them!

Here we have the MarshallSheldon special! A Cookies and Cream cake with Chocolate, Chocolate, and more Chocolate! A Bacon!, Carmel, and Chocolate sauce available upon request!
Here we have a very special Honey Cake from Estonian called the Meekook, made with Honey, Butter, and more Honey!
And what Afternoon Tea would be complete without a Honey and Cinnamon Madelaine?

We hope you have enjoyed all our Beary Tasty Noms. If any of you would like, we have most of the recipes, or websites they came from. Give @flicka47 a tweet & we'll send it to you. Please remember that while the TeddyOlympics does not have an official charity, you could donate a Teddy to your local sheriff or fire department in honor of #TeddyOlympics 

 Please enjoy all our other pages here at the Athlete's Village and the main TeddyOlympics pages.


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