Welcome to the TeddyOlympics Athlete's Village!

Welcome all to the #TeddyOlympics Village !

You can access the TeddyOlympics noms and drink menus by scrolling down in the sidebar on the left. (the Teddy's have an Afternoon Tea and picnic there!) Click on the page you'd like to visit. Also if you haven't done so before, go visit Jed Bramwell's website about the movie his human and he are making. It's very cool.

It's a privilege to see you all again. Enjoy!!

As many of you know, the Teddies are unable to raise 6 Billion Dollars to build an Olympic Village such as they have done for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.
But, that's OK, as once again Jed Bramwell has invited you all to stay at his cabin!!

There's Jed now,waving a big Welcome to all you Teddy athletes!

This actually will work very well, as you can see Jed has a fishing pole for you Teddies who like fresh fish!

Now you will all have to bring your own blankies, pillows, or boxes to sleep in because Jed only has one bed. But there is plenty of room in front of his fireplace!

You will have to get up early to get in line to use Jed's stove, but Jed has especially stocked a lot of wood for it in anticipation of your impending visit!                          Oh, don't even try to borrow Tito's chair!

Jed also has a general store you are welcome to visit, in case you want a snack! Or visit the Anipal Winter Olympics Souvenier Shoppe (this also helps our pawpawty charities!)

But, if you visit his saloon, Jed will only serve you athletes fruit juice!

All of Jed's pictures courtesy of and © by DJ Dyer

So Welcome to the Second Annual #TeddyOlympics !

Go here to get to the main TeddyOlympic page. Enter the games here until April 9th.

Follow the links here to find some wonderful noms and drinks (Non-acolholic for the athletes of course!) for all of our TeddyOlympic athletes and visitors!

About the hosts of TeddyOlympics

Some special TeddyOlympics noms

Special Drinks and Teas for TeddyOlympics participants and Visitors

The awards presentations will take place Saturday April16th and Sunday 17th , so stay tuned for the announcements of the winners.

The Teddy's do not have a designated charity, so you could if you are able donate a Teddy to your local sheriff or fire department. They give them to small children involved in accidents or fires. We all hope you have as much fun attending the TeddyOlympics as we have had putting it all together!


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